Falling is Fun
Falling is a skill which means you can be better at it. Join us for a 6-week online class to learn falling as a skill to prevent injury and even save your life.
During this live online class we will cover:
The basics of falling technique through games and specific instruction
Strength training and stretching in areas that are most prone to injury during a fall
Movement patterns to fall with skill and grace
How to roll to mitigate force through time and space
6-week live online classes
Lifetime access to the material
Access to personal training app
Direct messaging to answer questions
Cost: $100

Starts Friday July 30th 2021
    All classes will take place live on zoom, you will also get links to videos to watch on your own as well as access to my custom app I use with my personal training clients with all the strength, stretching and movement patterns to train on your own.